presentationSITEChristopher Stapleton, the head creative venture catalyst of Simiosys, has over 25 years of experience developing innovative audience-interactive environments for theme parks, and applying advanced mixed reality technology to research goals such as therapy, museum exhibits, military training, and medical research.

Mr. Stapleton founded the Media Convergence Lab at the Institute for Simulation and Training in order to advance the productization and storytelling capabilities of mixed reality interfaces. Working with Canon products (the first US company to work with Canon Mixed Reality products); MCL pioneered mixed reality for military training, interactive storytelling, and medical therapy.

Simiosys was created out of MCL, to bring Research and Development out of the lab, to assist development of commercial applications.


Mr. Stapleton and Dr. Atsusi Hirumi at the University of Central Florida have co-developed a new instructional design approach that combines philosophies of effective entertainment design with grounded instructional design theory. This approach, titled InterPlay, focuses on combining the different strengths of play, story, and game, in order to design learning experiences that are real, relational, and relevant to the user.  InterPlay is integral to everything that we develop at Simiosys, forming the backbone of the interaction design and development.