Christopher Stapleton Speaking at the Augmented World Expo Christopher Stapleton attended the 2014 Augmented World Expo, where he presented with Matt Johnston (Design Interactive)  and Dr. Janet Whiteside (UCF’s Aphasia House) about using mixed reality to address real world challenges.   AWE 2014 Presentation AWE 2013 Presentation For more information on the AWE…


Mission LEAP Mock-Up

Mission LEAP: Mission LEAP (Lunar Expedition for Astronaut Pioneers) is a unique approach to museum exhibit design that uses a combination of story, play, and game to engage the audience in a role-playing and cooperative problem solving environment. We prototyped the entire exhibit and invited kids from a local school to interact, as if they…


Phydgital Interspace

The Phydgtial InterSpace is a prototype design testing our approach to teaching innovation skills within informal learning environments. We presented the prototype as an experiment in our Storefront innovation Playtank, hosted at Urban ReThink. Users interact with physical objects that have an impact on a digital environmental simulation. They are encouraged to learn through experimentation…


Innovation Playtank

Our Innovation Playtank brings a prototype to the public, in order to see how a real audience interacts with the experience and with each other. We like to prototype at different stages of development, starting with paper prototypes and physical artifacts; we have seen that a great deal of valuable information can be learned from…


Singapore Concept Design Document

We created two different design concepts for a spectacle theatrical show at Resorts World Sentosa, Singnapore. One design was for a Science-Fiction rock opera, which integrated 3D Projection Mapping and a unique transforming stage design; the other design was a high-fantasy look and feel. Concept Art