Mission LEAP Mock-Up

missionleapMission LEAP: Mission LEAP (Lunar Expedition for Astronaut Pioneers) is a unique approach to museum exhibit design that uses a combination of story, play, and game to engage the audience in a role-playing and cooperative problem solving environment. We prototyped the entire exhibit and invited kids from a local school to interact, as if they were visiting the final museum experience. From this experience, we were able to see how kids engaged together and in groups; we were able to explore the power of cooperative and competitive play, and to see what aspects of game play supported or detracted from the core learning objectives. Using live actors as docents and computer AI, we experimented with a museum experience that fluctuated between individual play and larger, more challenging group scenarios.

Concept Art



Sketchup Model, Mockup Prototype

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 7.58.47 PM