Amuseo studio presents the ShowVRoom (formally the Phydgital Interspace)

phydgitalThe Simiosys’s creative studio, Amuseo, presents their new marketing solution, the ShowVRoom. This novel retail Point of Purchase (PoP) kiosk provides a whole new level of brand experience with your customers. After years of experimental field tests in community venues, we are able to reach and engage consumers at a new level of enticement. We are able to reach hard to reach decision makers where they live work and play. This includes corporate lobbies, museums, malls, tourism destinations, transportation hubs and entertainment centers.

The ShowVRoom (formerly Phydgtial InterSpace) is our retail solution to bridge the “Bricks and Mortar” Retail experience to the “Click and Order” online purchasing. The Amuseo creative brand consultants translates your brand into a compelling user experience to simulate a working (or playing) environment to showcase your product in action.  Cars, vacations, real estate or fashion, the ShowVRoom puts your product into a lasting and immersive memory that customers can share with their friends.


Sample 1: Amuseo developing a Canon USA ShowVRoom of industry solutions for the design and manufacturing industry.

Using both physical and digital assets in a multi-user, Mixed Reality environment, Amuseo can bring your new brand experience into reality with the ShowVRoom kiosk. We work closely with your product development team from focus groups using virtual prototype to experiential marketing within busy consumer venues. Amuseo tasks its transdisciplinary consulting team made from leading experts from art, science, engineering, design and business. They analyze your future unmet needs and market trends. By simulating, capturing and analyzing with virtual technology, they can test your future consumer experience using your product prototypes within rigorous testing.

The ShowVRoom is customized configuration of interoperable immersive media technology that is skinned with the client’s unique visual brand and theming. Three novel systems work together. Immersive media technology simulate virtual worlds, perceptual computing sensors capture the behavior and machine learning analyzes the experience with minimal intrusion to the consumer’s immersion.

Bridges CircleUp Presentation 190706 HEM.001

Sample 2: Amuseo developing a rehabilitation ShowVRoom for therapy solutions for the mental health industry.

commercial design testing our approach to teaching innovation skills within informal learning environments. We presented the prototype as an experiment in our Storefront innovation Playtank, hosted at Urban ReThink. Users interact with physical objects that have an impact on a digital environmental simulation. They are encouraged to learn through experimentation and to make creative leaps in order to arrive at unique, creative solutions. The model for interaction engagement is based on the InterPlay instructional strategy developed by Christopher Stapleton and Dr. Atsusi Hirumi.


Sample 3: Amuseo developing a Training ShowVRoom for emergency response solutions for the military industry.

ShowVRoom for Science and History Museums

The ShowVRoom video for the Phydgtial InterSpace device showcases the type of group-learning interaction using physical objects as interactive tools, and aspects of game and story media integrated into a physical victorian cabinet.

For more information about Amuseo Studios or the ShowVRoom contact:
Simiosys Real World Laboratories
PO Box 616518
Orlando, FL 32861-6518


88246577-2 Click to download a ShowVRoom product flyer from Amuseo