StoryTroves™: Addressing Isolation Through “Conversational Story Creation”


Isolation and “Conversational Story Creation”

We are alone in our own thoughts.

We become a prisoner of our own mind when we can not communicate.

An expression of our ideas and dreams does not make us any less lonely.

We need to bond with one another to expose our loneliness and disrobe our vulnerability.

We need a space, time and exchange to feel safe, to connect and feel a sense of belonging.


Conversations allows us to shed our loneliness and feel safety in the presence of one another.

Stories allow us to feel emotion, without the pain in order to bond with one another.

Creation provides us the empowerment to form our own reality that we share with one another


Our imagination is where our memories, ideas and dreams congregate to form our consciousness.

Our conversation invites others in to explore this frontier between ourselves and the world.

Our participation within authorship, agency and the affection of a listener provides us courage.


Language reduces our communication into an explicit and socially acceptable narrative.

This efficiency has helped create civilizations and connect the world, but can leave us lonely.

Language can become a barrier with the loss of expression and empathy that diminishes our human connection.


A conversation is more than an exchange of ideas, its a deep human connection.

A story is more than the destination, its a journey that transforms.

Where we may be alone in our own thoughts, we are not alone in our imagination.

Our imagination frames our consciousness and relationships to help define ourselves.


Life participation is more than being present, its being meaningful to others.

Sharing, listening, collaborating and bringing affection is meaningful.

Conversational Story Creation takes us where we can not go on our own.


Thank you Janet, Jenn, Dana, Denise, Jim and Eric for the conversation that keeps on giving…

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