The Emotion Behind Innovation

For ten years, the purpose-driven mission of Simiosys has been to “make the creative leaps that stimulate innovation for those who need it most.”  Our focus has been more on making a difference than making money. We partner with community centers to help solve society’s challenges that seek our help.  We are thrilled when we see People With Aphasia (PWA) feeling liberated when engaged with communication exercises like our StoryTroves.  Some wonder how we select the initiatives we take on with such passion and risk.  We measure our priorities by the “tears of joy” that the work can produce.  Being a Social Entrepreneur is as simple as that.

Dean Kamen's arm prosthetic innovation

Dean Kamen’s arm prosthetic innovation

People like Dean Kamen are our inspiration. His TED talk “The Emotion the Invention” shares his experience that drives our motivation to transforming great inventions into compelling innovations where they can make a difference. Ih his work, soldiers who’ve lost limbs in service face a daily struggle unimaginable to most of us. At TEDMED, Dean Kamen talks about the profound people and stories that motivated his work to give parts of their lives back with his design for a remarkable prosthetic arm.

Enjoy giving…