VR Arcades: do 2 wrongs make 1 right?

  As much as the idea of Virtual Reality (VR) Arcades excites us, should we not consider that these are two concepts have already died a dramatic death in the marketplace before? So it seems that these businesses and products have come and gone.  Now we are putting them together at IAAPA like we did…

Christopher Stapleton practices the training of an Eye Surgeon In Munich laboratory to provide a first hand experience of high-performance experts.

Simiosys Enters Second Decade!

Christopher Stapleton practices Eye Surgery in a Munich laboratory to gain a first hand experience of high-performance experts. A Decade of Deep Dive Research in Human Experience & Imagination As we have waited for the long anticipated arrival of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality into the mainstream markets, Simiosys has been taking as many deep…


Mission LEAP Mock-Up

Mission LEAP: Mission LEAP (Lunar Expedition for Astronaut Pioneers) is a unique approach to museum exhibit design that uses a combination of story, play, and game to engage the audience in a role-playing and cooperative problem solving environment. We prototyped the entire exhibit and invited kids from a local school to interact, as if they…


Singapore Concept Design Document

We created two different design concepts for a spectacle theatrical show at Resorts World Sentosa, Singnapore. One design was for a Science-Fiction rock opera, which integrated 3D Projection Mapping and a unique transforming stage design; the other design was a high-fantasy look and feel. Concept Art



Our primary focus is to provide a fresh perspective integrating “tried and true” traditions with next-generation experiential media to transform experiential venues such as theme parks, museums, conventions and health and recreation centers.