VR Arcades: do 2 wrongs make 1 right?

  As much as the idea of Virtual Reality (VR) Arcades excites us, should we not consider that these are two concepts have already died a dramatic death in the marketplace before? So it seems that these businesses and products have come and gone.  Now we are putting them together at IAAPA like we did…


Innovation Playtank

Our Innovation Playtank brings a prototype to the public, in order to see how a real audience interacts with the experience and with each other. We like to prototype at different stages of development, starting with paper prototypes and physical artifacts; we have seen that a great deal of valuable information can be learned from…



As a design research firm, we do not jump to solutions. Instead, we begin with researching the problem area and dreaming big. Our development process revolves around a series of rapid prototypes, which are vetted through playtesting events that bring the target audience to interact with the experience very early in the design development process.