Deep Dive into STEM Ed at Crooms

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I had a great opportunity to be an Honorary Teacher at the Crooms Academy of Information Technology where I taught “Innovation Skills” all day to five classes of over 20 bright students each.  It was exhausting and exhilarating all at once (how do teachers do it?). These kids are so full of ideas and innovative thinking, which seems to come so naturally in an environment that encourages a student’s full potential.  Each class was so unique and brilliant in their own ways.  These core innovation skills and personalities are not always encouraged in traditional schools and work environments (creative problem-solving,  expressive communication, critical thinking, interpretive analysis, team building, etc.). Creative behavior and expression in more strict environments is often misunderstood as deviant and disruptive (we did get a bit noisy and rambunctious). However, the school was founded by someone who was a powerful voice for an amazing community that can’t be overlooked.

The school was founded in 1926 by Joseph N. Crooms the fifth child of freed slaves. He grew up in Goldsboro, Florida a Freedmen community that was later annexed in 1911 (unscrupulously) by Sanford’s infamous Mayor, Forest Lake. Mr. Crooms founded two schools in the community for African Americans in Seminole County, a highly segregated community. Crooms Academy is now a proud technology magnet school of the Seminole County Public Schools system. I highly recommend visiting the Goldsboro Museum , across the street from the Trevon Martin Memorial in Sanford Florida.