Innovation Playtank

Our Innovation Playtank brings a prototype to the public, in order to see how a real audience interacts with the experience and with each other. We like to prototype at different stages of development, starting with paper prototypes and physical artifacts; we have seen that a great deal of valuable information can be learned from…


Singapore Concept Design Document

We created two different design concepts for a spectacle theatrical show at Resorts World Sentosa, Singnapore. One design was for a Science-Fiction rock opera, which integrated 3D Projection Mapping and a unique transforming stage design; the other design was a high-fantasy look and feel. Concept Art


Some of the Smallest Moments Can Make the Biggest Memories…

Simiosys is a creative design and development consulting firm specializing in innovating experience design for entertainment, education and retail venues. Our focus is in captivating the audience’s imagination, by igniting their passion and creativity through  story, play, and game. From consulting services to research and prototyping in our real-world laboratories, we provide novel solutions that…



Some of our research has led to the development of certain prototypical products that we use as benchmarks and building blocks in our consulting and design work. Concepts are first prototyped in the lab, where wegather information in order to inform our theories and feed back into lab research and development. Phydgital Interspace The Phydgtial…



Christopher Stapleton, the head creative venture catalyst of Simiosys, has over 25 years of experience developing innovative audience-interactive environments for theme parks, and applying advanced mixed reality technology to research goals such as therapy, museum exhibits, military training, and medical research. Mr. Stapleton founded the Media Convergence Lab at the Institute for Simulation and Training…



As a design research firm, we do not jump to solutions. Instead, we begin with researching the problem area and dreaming big. Our development process revolves around a series of rapid prototypes, which are vetted through playtesting events that bring the target audience to interact with the experience very early in the design development process.



Our primary focus is to provide a fresh perspective integrating “tried and true” traditions with next-generation experiential media to transform experiential venues such as theme parks, museums, conventions and health and recreation centers.